Ricoh Ri4000

Ricoh Ri 4000 Revolutionizing Direct-to-Garment Printing: Introducing Our State-of-the-Art DTG Solution

Ricoh Ri 4000 Unmatched Efficiency and Versatility

In the dynamic world of garment printing, staying ahead requires innovation and adaptability. We introduce our flagship DTG printer, engineered for exceptional performance in diverse printing scenarios. This advanced machine is a game-changer for businesses seeking to expand their capabilities, offering unparalleled efficiency and the ability to print on a variety of materials, including 100% polyester. This eliminates the need for manual pretreatment, streamlining the printing process and enhancing productivity​​.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced ROI

Ricoh Ri 4000

Our DTG printer is specifically designed to maximize return on investment. It features state-of-the-art built-in pretreatment capabilities and newly developed inks. The automated maintenance systems further streamline the workflow, reducing costs on consumables and optimizing inventory management. This combination of features ensures that businesses can achieve higher productivity while maintaining cost-effectiveness​​.

Accelerated Productivity

With our advanced Ricoh Ri 4000 DTG printer, you can transform designs into prints in record time. It’s capable of printing full-color graphics in under 92 seconds, including automatic pretreatment. This speed is a significant advancement in the DTG printing industry, enabling businesses to reduce manual errors and deliver products faster​​.

Comprehensive Support and Training

We understand the importance of support and training in the DTG printing business. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced professional, our team provides dedicated support and onsite training. We offer a range of accessories, such as platens, pretreatment solutions, and heat presses, to ensure you can start selling and growing your business immediately​​.

Superior Quality and Versatility

Our DTG printer sets a new standard in the industry, offering higher image quality and comprehensive end-to-end automations, including pretreatment and maintenance. This level of automation and quality positions our printer at the forefront of the DTG market, easily outperforming competitors​​.

Ricoh Ri 4000 Features and Specifications

  • Quick-Change Platens: The printer comes with easily interchangeable magnetic platens, enhancing versatility and allowing printing on up to 16” x 19.6” surfaces​​.
  • High-Performance Print Heads: It is equipped with leading genuine piezo-electric drop-on-demand print heads, ensuring speed, precision, and durability​​.
  • Dual Carriages for Enhanced Quality: The printer utilizes a dual carriage system, with the first laying down an enhancer followed by the second carriage applying the white and color layer​​.
  • Automatic Platen Height Adjustments: The automatic, laser-assisted height adjustment feature ensures the best print quality on varying substrates​​.
  • 7” Touchscreen Interface: An intuitive full-color touchscreen interface provides easy operation with smart alerts and maintenance reminders​​.
  • Innovative Ink and Enhancer Formulas: The printer uses long-lasting, vibrant inks and enhancers, optimized for performance on various materials, including 100% polyester​​.

Ricoh Ri 4000 Advanced Capabilities

  • Polyester Printing: Our technology allows printing on 100% polyester in any color, meeting the growing demand for high-quality polyester sportswear and fabrics​​.
  • Built-in Enhancer: The automatic enhancer reduces manual labor and errors, ensuring faster and more consistent printing​​.
  • Cost-Effective Ink and Consumable Usage: Newly developed ink formulations result in improved savings on inks and other consumables​​.
  • Automated Maintenance: The enhanced automatic maintenance system reduces the need for manual upkeep, keeping the printer ready for use​​.

Operational Excellence

  • Fast Production Times: Achieve incredibly fast print speeds, with a full-color 10” x 8” graphic on light garments printed in less than 92 seconds​​.
  • Reduced Downtime: The design of the printer allows for quick and accurate garment swapping, minimizing downtime between prints​​.
  • High-Resolution Printing: It supports super high-resolution printing up to 1200 x 1200 dpi without a significant drop in speed​​.
  • Accurate Color Management: The included ColorGATE RIP software facilitates fast and accurate processing of large design files​​.

Ricoh Ri 4000 Comprehensive Automation

  • Intelligent Fabric Sensing: Sensors automatically adjust the table height based on fabric thickness, ensuring optimal print quality​​.
  • Efficient Maintenance: The intelligent auto cleaning and ink agitation systems significantly reduce maintenance times​​.
  • Accurate Cost Calculation: The system automatically calculates ink
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